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Rudico Group, impress to print

Among others, we work for:

Day and night excellent Flexo Plate production, Preprint and innovative cleaning solutions for your anilox rolls. This is Rudico Group.

Rudico Group

Operating companies with sharp objectives to support you in the printing technology area


Artwork, Prepress, Plate Production and Print Management Packaging


Durable top quality in Flexo Preprint for corrugated cardboard up to 2.5 metres wide


Consistent quality in Flexo Print thanks to our Total Anilox Cleaning Concept

Innovation: Environmentally friendly thermal process

Ambitious, healthy Governance

Innovations in the Flexo world follow in rapid succession. Ambitious and healthy governance stimulate the operating companies to innovate, continuously improve and grow autonomously.

The Rudico Group provides support in the field of print technology. We do this with committed employees who constantly push boundaries for themselves and for our customers. We are proud to be able to offer this for an entire chain, from artwork to the cleaning concept.

Self-learning ability

Innovation is about learning ability. The cohesion of the companies in the Rudico Group puts us in a fortunate position. Our operating companies accelerate innovation by sharing knowledge and practical experiences. Reflections from our customers are our driving force and “feed-forward”.

The innovation climate occupies a central position within our organisation. We always bring value creation for our customers and healthy business operations in balance with the continuous reduction of the impact on our living environment.

Daily 24 hour production

Production of Polymer printing plates at Rudico and Preprint printing at Felco continues day and night. All production machines for Polymer printing plates are installed in duplicate. Correct on-time delivery is guaranteed. Production reliability of Felco’s ultra wide-web 8+1-color Flexo printing machine and the importance of Right-First-Time are embedded in the DNA of the service- and solution-oriented basic attitude of our companies.

Customer testimonials

Ubbink testimonial:

“The importance of communication on our packaging is growing. The direct contact and advice of Rudico Artwork Prepress gives us more values in improving our packaging strategy. Rudico Artwork Prepress working method fits well with our internal processes of the marketing, project/product management and purchasing departments. The coordination with our box producers is an extra control step of Rudico Artwork Prepress, with which we cover the total packaging strategy.”

Ruud WegmanPurchase Manager

Oerlemans testimonial:

“In my role at Oerlemans Plastics I have had good contact with Rudico for many years. Thanks to our 10-color Flexo printing options, we have a very diverse order package. Rudico is a highly valued supplier for the delivery of various services and products. Due to always good accessibility via both the online ordering method (WebCenter) and certainly also the employees with whom we maintain intensive contact via both email and telephone. Partly because of this, we are able to supply our customers with high quality printing. Even if the files supplied by our customer are not print-ready at first and must be adapted to our technical specifications. Rudico understands the complexity of our process and responds to it expertly.”

Ton van der HamFlexotechnical Production Planner | Oerlemans

A-Karton testimonial:

“With over 30 years of experience in the development, production and delivery of corrugated (cardboard) packaging and displays, Akarton is an experienced and reliable partner. The relationship with suppliers is very important to Akarton. Various requirements are therefore imposed on these suppliers, including in the areas of: quality, delivery time, innovative capacity and sustainability. Rudico is a supplier that meets these requirements perfectly. Proactive thinking, fast response times, reliable delivery times and respect for people and the environment are self-evident at Rudico.”

Coen VerhaeghBusiness Office Manager

Find out more about our processes and products in the knowledge base. If you have any questions or want to know what we can do for you, please contact us.