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Preprint means that the paper top layer of (corrugated)cardboard is printed first, before it is made (corrugated) cardboard. We call direct printing on corrugated cardboard Postprint. You can usually recognize postprint by the light/dark stripe formation, parallel to the wave of the cardboard. This is also called the “washboard effect”.

Felco has been the leading Preprint Flexo printer in Europe since 1987. During the printing of Preprint, we fully concentrate on the quality of the printed image. The production of (corrugated) cardboard and the die-cutting of the box will take place at a later stage. We print effortlessly on the paper top layer of (corrugated) cardboard in 54 or 60 l / cm grid in 8 colors at a width of 2.5 meters. The register of the colors and the image quality is comparable to offset.

The production speed of Preprint is considerably higher than Postprint. Because we do not suffer from any “washboard effect”, in many cases a thinner paper for the top layer of the (corrugated) cardboard is sufficient. The combination of thinner paper with the high speeds on our advanced Preprinting machine (Bobst FP96S) delivers cost savings and the highest possible printing quality, even with small numbers.

Each packaging is unique and gets our full attention. Ask us for advice and see which printing lengths are possible here.


Since we are on the same wavelength with you, we speak the same language and this leads to a result that will make both you and us happy. You will soon feel that there is a Partnership!

Collaboration between partners quickly creates trust. Your trust is of paramount importance to us! We want to see our customers come back to us. In cooperation with Rudico and Pulse we can offer everything in the field of flexography.  Preparing for a good printing result is the most important thing.

We -as Felco- can offer you various test materials, think of digital 3D models / Mockups / GMG’s and colour samples on the right substrate. The advantage of this is that you can determine whether the artwork will stand out well on the die drawing.

By means of our photo spectrophotometer, automatic ink dosing system and web scan over full width (every turn is checked), we can also guarantee the quality for repeat orders!

No coincidence

By investing in the best printing press and in the training of our employees, Felco leaves nothing to chance. Our professionals supervise and control the printing process from start to finish and adjust where necessary. This way we guarantee optimum quality and fast delivery.

In order to guarantee a standardized working method and to achieve the best possible well-being for people and the environment, Felco has an ISO 9001:2015 and FSC® certificate and works according to the ISO 14001 22000 and DFTA guidelines. The Rudico Group is also a member of EFTA.

Consistent. Always.

FSC® Certificaat

ISO Certificering

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