Golden Egg

By 31 March 2021April 2nd, 2021Fun facts

Happy Easter

In this publication, we first and foremost wished all our customers a very cheerful and pleasant Easter days.

Research has shown that people who are successful often did not owe this to talent. Having or obtaining Knowledge is often a precondition for success. But the real success is the result of enormous commitment and perseverance, especially when things go wrong. Rudico likes to help by sharing Knowledge. You have to do the rest yourself …

The broad Knowledge of Flexo within the Rudico Group is unique because Artwork, Prepress, production of Flexoplates, Flexo printing in Preprint and Anilox Cleaning all take place under the same roof. We share our knowledge to serve the success of our customers. Knowledge is Silver. Whether you have the ambition to go for Gold with that knowledge in your pocket is a choice that everyone can make for themselves.

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