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Process control in printing

Pulse Anilox Cleaning is specializes in supporting printing companies in the optimal cleaning of anilox rollers. This ensures a constant volume of your anilox rolls, resulting in predictable production and constant high printing quality, and last but not least cost savings.

Our advice and guidance comes from years of experience in Flexo and other printing techniques. All products have been developed with maximum attention to the environment and smart cleaning methods.

On this page you will find extensive information about our products and services. Do you have seriously soiled anilox rolls and need immediate assistance? Then use the red button below!

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Daily cleaning

Deep Cleaning

Periodic cleaning

Total Anilox Cleaning Concept (TACC)

Systematic Support

Daily cleaning

The most important step in maintaining the anilox roll volume is to consistently perform daily cleaning. Pulse has the RIGHT PRODUCTS for this that meet the highest legal requirements in the field of safety for people and the environment.

The quality of the cleaning process can be supported by the use of our automated dosing system. With this we guarantee standardized cleaning strength and control of cleaning costs.

All cleaning products meet the requirements of REACH and GHS.

Laser cleaning

Deep cleaning

The thermal effect on the anilox roller during CLEANING WITH LASER is very low. The laser beam only removes ink and polymer residues by evaporation, without damaging the anilox roll in any way. Laser cleaning is by far the most effective, safe, environmentally friendly and cost-efficiently, way to clean your anilox rolls.

It is not without reason that the laser Pulse Anilox Cleaning uses has been awarded with the German environmental award for its innovative product.

Anilox roll cleaning with Laser has been tested in collaboration with one of the leading cardboard printing companies in Europe. We are happy to present the results of this test during a personal interview. Please call Us we are more than happy to inform you.


Total Anilox Cleaning Concept

Constant volume of the anilox rolls in a flexo printing machine are essential for a predictable, and constant high printing quality. Setup times are shorter because the printer reaches the correct color faster and consistency with repeat jobs results in significant cost savings.

With TACC Pulse offers systematic LASER CLEANING based on an agreed SLA (Service Level Agreement). In consultation with the customer, we determine the frequency of periodic Laser Cleaning in the SLA. Our Flexo specialists measure the volume of the anilox rolls after each cleaning. We report the measurement results of each anilox roll in a Summary so that we can monitor trends together with the customer. We continuously adjust the frequency of periodic cleaning based on trends in reporting and “Best Practice” experiences of printing results.

Adjusting the frequency of Laser Cleaning based on the report means excellent price / quality ratio. Periodic Cleaning is scheduled in consultation.

The standardized processes and the well-being of people and the environment follow the ISO 9001: 2008, ISO 14001 & 22000 standards.  All cleaning products meet the requirements of REACH and GHS. All Pulse employees are trained in-house to properly implement T.A.C.C. on site. For a meeting and introduction to what our concept can mean for you, simply contact one of our specialists. We are more than happy to help you.

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Doctor blades

With the TRESU Doctor chamber system, the print quality is constant. Perfect cleaning of the anilox roller with high pressure cleaning procedure and little maintenance in general. The TRESU seal ensures the highest sealing quality and the longest service life in LIGHTWEIGHT CARBON CHAMBER SYSTEMS.

If you are ready for Process control in printing, the Tresu system should not be missing from your printing machine.

TRESU F10 iCon with ViscoFlow

The F10 iCon is an innovative solution for safe, stable and controlled ink circulation – with easy operation and increased production output. The F10 ICon is also expandable as an upgrade to your existing equipment and works on a variety of substrates, including plastic, foil, film, cardboard and paper.

By maintaining a stable ink flow, pressure and viscosity, the F10 iCon guarantees optimal dot gain values. The F10 ICon is suitable for long runs and guarantees consistently high print quality throughout production.

Other products


Pulse Anilox Cleaning supplies various BRUSHES for cleaning clichés made of water-based ink, for cleaning ceramic anilox rolls and for cleaning clichés made of solvent inks.


The value of a good doctor blade knife is often underestimated: this is an important element in the flexo printing process and coating as well as in gravure printing and lamination. Pulse Anilox Cleaning DOCTOR BLADES are available with or without pre-ground facet and lamella. The range consists of doctor blades made of carbon and stainless steel, with a ceramic coating or made of plastic / polyester.

For more product information, please contact us. We are more than happy to help you.

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