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Harald Zijlstra

Full of enthusiasm coupled with over 25 years of experience in our industry I learned that it is very important that our employees be properly coached and facilitated to complete themselves. “a satisfied employee is a satisfied customer”

Pulse Anilox Cleaning has the right cleaning concept for you, with a stable high Anilox volume, this leads to a reduce of your start-up costs, color stability, consistently high printing quality. For more information about the total concept, please contact us.

In my spare time I like to play tennis, as parents we like to support our bolt sons during their football game.
+31 6 52 77 24 37


Qais Salim

Technology has greatly influenced our lives in recent decades and is playing an increasingly prominent role in our lives. Often more fun, more comfortable and also safer. Curious about what technology can mean for us, I was educated in the automotive industry. People are the most important to me and I like to use technology as a tool to achieve goals. I soon found out that sales in a technical company suits me best.
After being a key account manager ) for 7 years at CES (manufacturer of locking systems and access control, I was ready for new challenges. Pulse is internationally active in the technically complex graphics industry. This combination inspires me to connect people and technology on the basis of shared interests. Translate customer requirements into solutions that achieve results. That's what I love to do.

In my spare time I like to travel, read and play golf. Call or email me for a no-obligation further acquaintance, playing golf together or a cup of coffee.
+31 6 18 92 90 12

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