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This knowledge base is an initiative of Rudico. The WhitePapers below were published in 2021 and are just the start of a well-stocked knowledge base with relevant topics for people active in the packaging industry. From January 2022, new topics will be published every month.

Innovations in the Flexo world follow in rapid succession. Innovation is about learning ability. Rudico very consciously shares knowledge and experiences with valued relations. Feel free to use this knowledge for your success and the future of your company.

All about the application and benefits of Glue Molds for folding carton window gluing machines

7 February 2022

Zamów darmowe D50 Lighting Indicator tutaj

15 January 2022

Zawodowo dużo zajmujesz się kolorem? Wtedy ta informacja jest dla Ciebie bardzo istotna. Nie przegap tego!

14 January 2022

Request your D50-Lighting Indicator here, FOR FREE!

24 February 2021

Is color important to you professionally? This information is very relevant to you. Do not miss it!

24 February 2021

Order and check Online Flexoplates

18 October 2020

Online workflow and proofing Webcenter 24/7 Controll

18 October 2020

Create Packaging Design | QuickBoxEasy do it yourself

18 October 2020

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