Front-office Rudico Artwork Prepress

Operations Manager

Erwin Meinsma

I have worked in the Graphic Packaging Industry for almost my entire working life. I have managed artwork and prepress services for smaller clients and international brand owners. Motivate and inspire our team every day to always put the best in ourselves in the service of customer interests. Creating added value for our customers is my daily driver.

In my spare time I enjoy handing a punch on the golf course, rain or shine. Going out with our family or having a nice dinner together makes the week complete for me.
+31 6 55 15 33 81

Sales Manager

Rob Straver

Achieving the best achievable result together with our customers requires attention and knowledge. Set frameworks or sometimes a limited budget makes that a very nice challenge. Introducing new relations to the unprecedented possibilities we offer makes my job diverse and that is precisely the motivation to enjoy being on the road every day.

Before I started in sales, I was part of our production process. In addition, I supervised many print orders in various printing companies. Our relations experience the knowledge gained as useful and valuable and not as a matter of course for every organization in a sales position.

I like to spend my spare time on sports and doing fun things, good food or sitting on a terrace.
I regularly celebrate holidays in southern Italy. Mi amo Sicilia.
+31 6 21 80 71 97

Business Development

Marthin Flokstra

My “bedroom” was the space behind a curtain in my father's studio. As a child I saw countless designs and technical drawings. My love for the graphic profession has sometimes been labeled “graphophile”. Only Rudico colleague Cees de Jonge can confirm that Rudico was already a customer of my father in the seventies.

My 36 years of experience is equally divided between Offset and Flexo. Innovation in Flexo inspires me. Don't just settle for the status quo. Development takes place outside the comfort zone. That applies to people and companies. I am proud and happy to contribute to Rudico's success. Value creation for our customers are the building blocks of a healthy future.

Oh yes, my graphophile profile also fits time for racing bikes, photography, woodworking and reading.
+31 6 57 88 52 50

Account Manager

Arnold Visser

My position as Account Manager is extra varied because I am also head of the business office. In this very dynamic department, I work together with a well-coordinated team. I enjoy motivating them, transferring knowledge and supporting customers. I am involved in all facets of our internal processes, as well as coordinating them with the processes at our customers. The great thing about our Flexo profession is that you always keep learning. The strength of the Rudico-Group is that the knowledge of Artwork, Repro, Printing and everything related to the Felco Flexo printing machine is present in our company.

My entire working life I have been active with packaging and Repro in Flexography. That has been quite a few years. I started in cardboard packaging and soon ended up at Rudico and held various positions. In addition to cardboard, I also specialized in flexible packaging.

What I like for relaxation is too much to mention. High on the list are good walking and cycling for physical health. Good food, drink and relax with a book on the couch for mental health. In addition, I am committed to a lot of voluntary work for the associations in our village.
This is me.
+31 6 15 87 68 65


John Martijnse

Sport is very important to me. Getting the best out of myself every day is part of sport. Every day I use that energy for my contacts with our customers. I enjoy that. The changing and dynamic activities of this job have ensured that I am far from tired of Rudico.

I have been working at Rudico since the early 1990s and have held various positions. For the past ten years, as an account executive, I have been the permanent trusted contact person for various clients.

Cycling and the family is “my way of life”. I regularly alternate the racing bike with my gravel bike or mountain bike. I cycle thousands of kilometers a year in our beautiful surroundings on the Veluwe and beyond.
Let me know if there is anything I can do for you!
+31 313 679 262


Monique Coulier

In the past 10 years I learned the graphic trade at Rudico. I still learn every day. In the preceding period I fulfilled various purchasing and sales functions, with an affinity for packaging.

In my spare time I spend a lot of time on equestrian sports, in which I still actively participate in dressage competitions.
+31 313 679 208

Technical Sales Manager

Jan ter Haar

My entire working life has taken place in the graphics industry. Flexography in particular has always been my playing field. I started in a flexo printing company where I worked as a flexo printer for the first few years. We were faced with a very diverse range of products with just as many unique challenges. This period has given me a lot of specific experience. This knowledge has greatly benefited me in the execution of later jobs. After that I worked for the more famous repro houses in the Netherlands to eventually end up at Rudico. An attractive aspect of Rudico for me is that a flexo-discipline was added, namely the cardboard industry. Rudico covers all branches of the flexo market, which makes my role in technical sales very varied and attractive.
+31 6 46 06 15 05


Casper van der Zijden

After my graphic education I worked at various advertising and graphic agencies where I expanded my experience. Five years ago I started in the packaging industry where I learned the details of the production-technical side of the industry. At Rudico, I use my broad knowledge to help you provide the product that fully meets your expectations.

I enjoy being with my family, friends and relatives. This while enjoying good food and a good glass of wine. I fill free moments with 101 hobbies; music, film, product design, ... too many to mention!
+31 313 679 262


Stijn Robben

The best thing about my job at Rudico is the customer contact in combination with the use of my knowledge and experience of the graphics profession. Supervising our clients' assignments means making good and clear instructions for my colleagues in technology. The variety and always adding structure to the daily hustle and bustle gives me energy.
+31 313 679 215


Cor Boeren

There are Cardboard farmers, Ink farmers, Printing plate farmers and my name is Cor Boeren. Since 1984 I have been working in the Flexo printing industry. The first 13 years in the corrugated world and the last 23 years at Rudico as an account manager. For many years I have been seconded for longer periods as an account manager to guide our clients very closely in the sometimes complex processes. In all those years I have seen many aspects of Flexography pass by. I enjoy supporting our customers where they need it.

In my spare time I like to run and walk with my wife and both of our dogs.
+31 6 55 83 50 92


Edwin van Gijtenbeek

Our department produces polymer plates in all sizes and types. We produce with the very latest techniques, both for the flexible and for the corrugated board Flexo market. For the corrugated board market, we also assemble and print printing plates. Every customer has its own specific requirements. In our department we work autonomously as much as possible and self-management is paramount. In this way we get the best out of ourselves and achieve the highest possible for our customers.

At home I am busy with our young family, I fulfil a number of functions as a volunteer and I am also an active mountain biker.
+31 6 11 01 05 12

Back-office Rudico Artwork Prepress