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Webcenter | Workflow and Online Proofing

Webcenter offers 24/7 overview and control of the complex processes in the packaging industry. With Webcenter you initiate and supervise the development of Artwork, of the operations in the Prepress phase up to and including the production of Flexo Printing Plates. With Life Cycle Management in WebCenter you start new projects yourself. All the project information is available online in one place. For each project you select the graphic suppliers that communicate exclusively through WebCenter under your direction.

During the development of Artwok, departments such as Marketing, Legal, Product Specialists, Technical Management and Traffic all have their own specific role in the organisation of the Brand-Owner. The Supply Chain also includes Design, Bureau, Prepress, Printing and Packaging. In WebCenter, all parties get their own role in the assessment of Online Proofing. With the advanced “compare function” you can always see which corrections have been made. With status tracking you can see the phase the project is in. Request a demonstration or download the whitepaper WebCenter 24/7 Control from our Knowledgebase.

Webcenter | Online Flexo Plates

With WebCenter our company is open for you 24/7. Are you a printer with your own Repro department? Or are you a Prepress specialist who (no longer) makes their own plates? Now you know the tricks of the trade. You simply order Flexo plates online from Rudico. We make a joint inventory of how the process should be set up beforehand. As soon as we know the specifications of the files you uploaded files, then ordering printing plates becomes child’s play. You don’t need a licence to use Webcenter. See exactly how it works in the whitepaper in our Knowledgebank Online Flexo Plates.

Create it yourself online

With QuickBoxEasy (QBE) you design your own packaging with a simple print. Creating a simple order yourself is often faster than writing a briefing. Does it sound familiar? Are you working at a Flexo Printing Company? Does your printing company produce cardboard boxes? Then QBE is probably the right solution for you. For more information download the whitepaper Create Your Own QBE from our Knowledge Base.

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