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We have divided the services of Rudico Artwork Prepress into Artwork and Production. The shape of the packaging and the positions of the logo, texts, photos and icons are recorded in Artwork. The output of Artwork is the input for Prepress, i.e. the Production phase. Our customers decide for themselves in which phase of the process they enter and exit. What services can Rudico offer the most values with. That’s what it’s all about.

Final Artwork

Strategic Design Agencies in Packaging develop brand experience and position products. Packaging design often stops at a Master Design per product. Technical specifications are often not yet taken into account.

Rudico is an expert in translating Master Design into Final Artwork. Final Artwork for packaging is made on technical (die cut) drawings and meets all the specifications of the chosen printer in all imaginable printing techniques. Rudico can easily and efficiently make derived packaging from Final Artwork. Think of flavour series, promotion packaging or variations in volume or weight. Project management and correspondence between Design, Brand-Owner and Production is orderly with Rudico’s online Webcenter workflow.

Mock-Up and 3D proofing

For the production of mock-ups, we work together with Drukmakers en Kleurmeesters. We give the specialists the floor.

“We are true specialists in the field of packaging. As colour masters we know everything about colour, as printers we ensure that everything is correct. We can translate your packaging idea into a mock-up, dummy, look-a-like, prototype, whatever you want to call it.

Paper, foil, folding cardboard or corrugated cardboard, it does not matter to us. We also like to design. We have the most advanced printing and cutting equipment, but at the same time assemble your packaging manually. Optionally packed with product samples. For presentations, trade fairs or advertisements. As flexible as we are in choice of materials, that’s how wide your choice is when it comes to numbers. A single model, series or a small edition. It’s just possible. ”

Technical specifications and CAD drawings

Rudico has recorded (printing) technical specifications of hundreds of printers and CAD drawings in an Asset Management D-Base. CAD drawings show all dimensions of the packaging, such as folding lines, creases, cutting lines and punches, non-printable zones, sizes and barcode areas. Design Agencies can easily request CAD drawings and specifications for a new design using this request form or have a look at our standard delivery specifications.


Print-Management-Agent Services

Is your company involved in the development and production of packaging? If so, Rudico’s Print-Management-Agent (PMA) Services can bring added value. A lot of different parties are involved in the development of packaging. There is a lot of work to be done, if products of the same brand are also packaged in different materials. How do you ensure that all parties respect the Brand Identity? How do you make sure that all parties involved align quality, technology and planning at the crucial moments?

Clear measurable objectives of Rudico PMA can be summed up in Increasing Quality and Efficiency. Reducing Costs in the Supply Chain and reducing Time-to-Market. Quality Validation and Supplier Assessments based on Best Practices and objective Industry Standards. Want to know how we do it? Download the PMA-Services whitepaper from our Knowledge Database (Dutch only at this moment).

Questions? Do you want to investigate value creation? Please contact us