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From design to print

Rudico B.V. was founded in 1962 and is an abbreviation of Rubber Die Company. During the first years Rudico B.V. was located in Apeldoorn, but over time the premises became too small and Rudico B.V. moved to Eerbeek.

In 1987 a new limited company called Felco B.V. was established, with a nod to Flexo. This was the start of the independence of the then newly purchased pre-printed liner printing press.

Over the years

By 1991 rubber, with which Rudico B.V. had become big, disappeared completely within the company. From that moment on Rudico B.V. only continued with photopolymer image carriers. In 1995 FlexoClean Engineering was added to the company, which produces and sells cleaning products for proper machine cleaning. This enabled the company to offer a more complete concept to the customers. In 1998 the two businesses separated and in 2004 the trading company Pulse Production Improvement was founded. In addition to cleaning products, Pulse Production Improvement offers a total concept for the maintenance of the printing press.

In 2000, after 25 years of service, Mr. der Nederlanden stepped down as the director and was succeeded by Mr. Wüstenhoff, who had been employed by Felco for two years. In that year Rudico B.V. also received the ISO 9001:2000 certification, which guarantees Rubico B.V.’s quality and reliability.

Ultra modern printing press

In 2012 the biggest investment in its history was made, the purchase of an ultra modern printing press, the Fischer & Krecke printing press. An eight-colour printing press capable of printing relatively thin but high quality paper of even less than 50 grams per m2 at high speed.

The succession of Mr.  Wüstenhoff was formalized in 2017. From 2017 to early 2022, the management consists of Reinier de Koning as Managing Director and Karianne Jonker as Financial Director. From March 2022, Karianne will be responsible as General Manager, the management consists of one person.

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