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Corporate Social Responsibility

The Rudico Group contributes to a circular, inclusive and climate-neutral future and wants to set an example for its surroundings. As a company, we are self-aware of our social responsibility. We innovate our processes wherever possible, set impactful goals for the use of raw materials and encourage our employees to monitor this course.

Rudico Group contributes to IKEL

Rudico Group is making an active contribution to the 2030 project of the Industriekern Eerbeek Loenen (IKEL). The aim is to increase the quality of life in the villages and at the same time improve the business climate for the (paper) industry in the region. The villages and industry share the ambition to take a concrete step in the energy transition. The result will be a cleaner environment through innovation and an improved competitive position for businesses.

Download our Sustainable Development Rudico leaflet and read some more (only in Dutch at this moment)

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